This website is a service by hyn registered at the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands filed under number 64282961.

The service offered on this website is specified as"reward based crowdfunding".

Donators can voluntarily offer a monetary reward for specific development effort in any PHP software package.

Read in detail how this service works here.

Service level

Hyn provides this service based on best-effort delivery. At any time scheduled and unscheduled downtime windows can be enacted without prior public or personal notification.


Hyn ensures the actuality and correctness of the information provided on this website through automated process. Nevertheless hyn cannot be held liable if this information is outdated or incorrect.

Hyn attempts to identify the real contributors for specific rewards. As the provided information for identifying these authors is not within the control of hyn, hyn cannot be held liable for funds received by the false authors or returned to the backer.


Hyn automates the contents on this website fully. As such the copyrights for the displayed content is with the original authors, unless specified otherwise.