Pledge deadline

As backer you are able to specify a deadline. The issue or milestone has to be completed before that specific date or the pledge will not be paid. If you do not specify any deadline it will be forced to 11 months and 1 week from now, this is last moment we can pay out a reserved pledge.

Pledge beneficiaries

Pledges are directed at those that put in the effort to complete the milestone or issue.

While placing a pledge you can choose who will be the beneficiary; this can be either the package maintainer or the contributors.

  • Package maintainers (authors in the composer file) who are known to us will receive an equal share.
  • Contributors receive a share of the pledge based on the number of line changes they have committed.

In some cases we might not be able to pay out a pledge and we refund that amount to the backer, for instance:

  • When none of the maintainers signed up.
  • When there were no commits for the issue or milestone.
  • When the deadline was reached, specified by the backer.

In case you decided to pay out your pledge to the contributors, but we couldn't, we will direct your pledge automatically to the maintainers instead.

Our cut of your pledge

The full amount of your pledge is directed at the beneficiaries. However the beneficiary of your pledge can voluntarily share the pledge. We will not require nor force this at any point.

Any costs applied by the payment providers used to transfer your pledge, are shared by the beneficiaries.

Pledge minimum

A minimum of 5 euro is in effect for any pledge. This ensures the beneficiaries actually earn something after paying any transaction costs.

Pledge settle period

To prevent milestones and issues to be closed and reopened only to receive outstanding pledges, we require issues and milestones to be closed for seven days before any payouts are done.